Wednesday, 18 November 2015


In class this week we started a new quick write called Powerless. A quick write is were we get a short film to watch and we have to brain storm every thing about the film like the characters, the setting and the music. After we have written our quick write we have to edit it and add these thing to make our writing even better.

  1. Use a very short sentence.
  2. Start your sentence with an AAWWUBBIS (Opener sentence)
  3. Ly start – Start a sentence with a ly adverb.
  4. Em – dash. A dash is used to set off information in a sentence with dramatic flair.

The subject sentence. Start your sentence with the subject. (Interrupter)
This is the link to the film.          
Here is my story. I have chosen to retell a little bit of the film.             

As the inventor was fast asleep, something very weird happened. The fairy. The little yellow fairy,that was glowing bright,had flew right into the robots tunnel at the top of his head. Magically the robot starred up. Lightning strikes  coming from the robot’s body. His eyes lit up like car lights and the robot made his way out of the old, rickety cabin and into the forest. The robot - tall and rusty, stumbled out into the wilderness carrying his broken body with him.

Before you knew it,  the inventor  had awoken and made his way outside. He found the robot trying to help the tiny red fairy that had been stuck under a tree trunk. The robot had tried to help but was not strong enough. The Inventor rushed over to help, with a lot of effort they let the fairy out and it flew away.“Boom,” the robot was know lying on the ground. As dead as a dodo.   

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