Wednesday, 18 November 2015


In class this week we started a new quick write called Powerless. A quick write is were we get a short film to watch and we have to brain storm every thing about the film like the characters, the setting and the music. After we have written our quick write we have to edit it and add these thing to make our writing even better.

  1. Use a very short sentence.
  2. Start your sentence with an AAWWUBBIS (Opener sentence)
  3. Ly start – Start a sentence with a ly adverb.
  4. Em – dash. A dash is used to set off information in a sentence with dramatic flair.

The subject sentence. Start your sentence with the subject. (Interrupter)
This is the link to the film.          
Here is my story. I have chosen to retell a little bit of the film.             

As the inventor was fast asleep, something very weird happened. The fairy. The little yellow fairy,that was glowing bright,had flew right into the robots tunnel at the top of his head. Magically the robot starred up. Lightning strikes  coming from the robot’s body. His eyes lit up like car lights and the robot made his way out of the old, rickety cabin and into the forest. The robot - tall and rusty, stumbled out into the wilderness carrying his broken body with him.

Before you knew it,  the inventor  had awoken and made his way outside. He found the robot trying to help the tiny red fairy that had been stuck under a tree trunk. The robot had tried to help but was not strong enough. The Inventor rushed over to help, with a lot of effort they let the fairy out and it flew away.“Boom,” the robot was know lying on the ground. As dead as a dodo.   

Friday, 6 November 2015

Market Day

Market Day 
On the 6th of November we had our year 6 market day. 
As you probably know that for our field to table inquiry we had to make a product and sale it.
I made lemonade called Sour Puss and sold it for a dollar each. I made 12 cups of lemonade and sold out so I got $12 to go to the SPCA. 
Here is some photos at the market day.

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Friday, 30 October 2015

Lemonade Advertising

In the last few weeks we have been getting our product ready for selling at the market day.   
This week we had to make a advert to interest people to buy our product.
Here is mine.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Pizza Persuasive

In the last few days we have started to do our tuning in for designed to sell.
For homework we had to design a pizza and then send it to pippis.
We made our pizza and then we had to make a advertisement for it.
After we did that we put our advertisement into a Voki
Here is my pizza and my Voki.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Storyboard That

For homework this week we had to make a Storyboard That to show our learning of speech marks and level 3 editing. My Storyboard is about two girls and their dog going camping in a hut. 
I had to include speech marks, commas, and full stops.
Here is mine.    

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Calendar Art

For our calendar art this year we choose to do zentangle.
Zetangle is a form of art when you use patterns to fill in the section of the shape.
Some of the patterns we used were zander, crescent moon, static, tipple, mist and more. 
We were allowed to choose an animal and put our zentangle patterns into it.   
Here is mine.
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Friday, 28 August 2015

Geometric Patterns

In maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.
This week we made our geometric patterns.
We had to use rulers,protractors and some colouring pencils.
My star is a 6 pointer and I went 60 degrees before starting a new point. Before we started, we learnt about the degrees on a protractor which helped us with the lines that formed the star.   
Here is mine.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Data disk

In class for the last week or two we have been researching and reading about worms. Once we had got all our information about worms we had to put it in to groups like all the interesting things about worms, different types of worms, what eats them and what they eat. Once we put our information into groups we had to start writing an explanation about what we learnt about worms. After we had finished our explanation we had to start our data disk. On my data disk I have how many species of worms are there, how do worms eat, what worms can eat and how long can a worm grow to.
Here is mine.
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Friday, 3 July 2015

My garden design

The last few days we have been working on our garden. 
We had to show our knowledge of what we can find out about the seed packet and what it tells us.
The seeds I did was Carrots and Lettuce. I have information about if it grows in full sun or part sun, were it grows, the depth,plant space and the row space. I also had what soil it likes which was alkaline for both.
Here is mine.
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Wednesday, 1 July 2015


We had to either draw or make a google drawing about what we learnt about photosynthesis. I decide to make a google drawing to show my knowledge. On my google drawing I had information about the Sunlight,Carbon-Dioxide,Water,Oxygen and Nutrients. 
Here is my google drawing.

Matariki Poster

Matariki Poster 

Matariki has been part of our field to table inquiry. We were told we had to make a way of presenting our knowledge of Matariki. I decided to make a poster that had all the information I had learnt about Matariki. I found out what Matariki is,some information about planting crops and other information. I also added some photos. Here is my poster.
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Friday, 5 June 2015

Starry night art

We have been creating a piece of art work by Vincent van gogh. We got to use all different colours and different shapes. We used a technique called double dipping. We used chalk for drawing the hills and the tree. Then I painted the stars and wind. After I had finished my hills and tree, I drew with black pastel were I had put chalk. Here is my art.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Quick Write

We had to make a quick write about this photo. In quick writes you have to write down things that come into your minds. We had to use strong short sentences and complex sentences. We had to learn to put the comma's in the right places. 
Here is my writing.

As I stand on the barrier, my fear of drowning comes to me. My legs start to shiver and there’s butterflies fluttering in my stomach. I get ready to dive.

I crouch. I jump into the air spreading my arms out wide and start to glide. I close my eyes and imagine myself as a bird.

I bring my hands around my legs into bombing position. I feel the water splashing on my feet. I have done it.
By Isabella                                        

Friday, 27 March 2015

River study

At camp we where doing a river study. 
We learnt a lot of this about what makes a good river.
The last few days we have been making a Infographic about the river study.
I have a tree,cow pat and algae and more with reasons why we need them and why we don't need them. 
This is mine 

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Digging for Pipi writing.

Digging for Pipi writing!
We had to write a memoir that creates a picture in the readers mind.
I wrote about Havelock Pony club and the best ride I had there.

At Havelock North Pony Club

As I arrived at pony club, mum said ‘We are here’. I opened the car door in excitement to get the gate. We unloaded my pony and the first thing my mum and I saw was a massive poo. As he went down the ramp, all of the poo got kicked down. ‘YUCK trident,’I said in a disgusted voice.
I tied him on the float and began tacking him up.
I went to hop on and all of a sudden mum said ‘your girth isn't tight’ so my mum came and tightened it. I start walking around in a circle and then I had my gear check.
We started our lesson by walking around in a square and then one at a time trotting to the back.
We began with just basic games. Bending through the poles, up and back.We also did my favorite games stepping stones, you go up half way and hop off and lead your pony why you're going over the stepping stones, then you have to get back on and ride to the end and ride back.
Then we did the sock race but I don’t remember much but I do remember that the socks smelt really bad. Finally it came to an end all of us hoped of and untacked one by one and slowly all the floats left.As we were leaving, I told my mum ‘my pony was so good I love him’.

My Mihimihi

In week 3 we began making our mihimihi,
We had to learn how to say the different word and memorise with out looking, It was not easy.
A mihimihi is a piece of writing that tells people about you in Maori.
Here's mine.

Tena koutou katoa  
Ko Isabella N ahau                                                 
No Havelock North ahau                   
Ko Te Mata te maunga                                       
Ko Tukituki te awa                                              
Ko HNPS te kura  
Tena Koutou,tena koutou, Tena Koutou Katoa