Friday, 9 May 2014

My First Horse Show

                 My First Horse Show.

“Mum what happens if I mess up? What happens if I jump the wrong jump or if I go the wrong way?”.
“You will be fine now hop on and warm up, then I’ll come and put some jumps up for you” Mum replied.
I saw all the jumps and I felt like I was the youngest- I was only seven.
I went to warm up, there where a lot of horses and ponies and they all looked stressed, my horse (Cricket) was as calm and cool as a cumber.
I lined up. The girl in front of me knew us but she was not nice. When I said ‘hi’ she pretended that she did not hear me.
Then in no time at all it was my turn. I walked in and started a little trot, I circled and flied over the first jump clear, We cantered some more, I could hear my horses hoof going squelch through the mud.
Here comes the next jump up, over the second jump. Here we come up to the third  jump “bonk” the rail came down. I was so disappointed, my heart sank.  I was feeling like I was going to clear the first three jumps, but we both just rubbed the rail.
I went through the rest of the course hoping there was no more rails down.
It was just 1 rail down. For my first show That is not bad.

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