Friday, 17 October 2014

Camp photo's


Infrared light

No rules

Dancing with Ms Washington

We were going and learning dance move with Ms Washington.

Persuasive arguement

Camp strikes back!

I want to say that we should have camp because we learn about the outdoors.

Firstly, camp does build new skills inside you. It makes you a much stronger person, it makes you be able to do more things. I know this because I have been on camp at Mountain Valley.

Secondly, we need to become risk takers Rory McCallum also says we need to experience and overcome FEAR.
Fear stands for False, Evidence, Appearing, Real .

Thirdly, we have teachers that plan the camp and make everything thing perfect. Mrs Cameron says “Its takes heaps of work to prepare for camp it is not all about pack your bags and go,all the planning is worthwhile.You also get to see another side to your students’’.

Finally, we can fundraise to keep costs down we could also go to another camp like Guthrie Smith which is $25.00 per student ,per day also includes accommodation and all activities.

I believe that we should have camp so we can take risks ,become better learners and learn more that stuff so we become better and stronger.


Song Lyrics

Daffodil Day

Verse 1:
Daffodil day is coming soon just a day away,
you better save up some money so you can put it in the bucket,

Saving all these poor kids in the hospital,
donate some money a dollar will do,
I have no cash where's the machine,
Do you have some money I could use,
maybe in that bucket over there,
over there.

Daffodil day daffodil day,
The flowers are beautiful,

Daffodil day daffodil day,
the money is worth it,
so don’t take it back,

Let the daffodils grow,
Daffodil day is important.

To the tune of let it go.