Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Data disk

In class for the last week or two we have been researching and reading about worms. Once we had got all our information about worms we had to put it in to groups like all the interesting things about worms, different types of worms, what eats them and what they eat. Once we put our information into groups we had to start writing an explanation about what we learnt about worms. After we had finished our explanation we had to start our data disk. On my data disk I have how many species of worms are there, how do worms eat, what worms can eat and how long can a worm grow to.
Here is mine.
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Friday, 3 July 2015

My garden design

The last few days we have been working on our garden. 
We had to show our knowledge of what we can find out about the seed packet and what it tells us.
The seeds I did was Carrots and Lettuce. I have information about if it grows in full sun or part sun, were it grows, the depth,plant space and the row space. I also had what soil it likes which was alkaline for both.
Here is mine.
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Wednesday, 1 July 2015


We had to either draw or make a google drawing about what we learnt about photosynthesis. I decide to make a google drawing to show my knowledge. On my google drawing I had information about the Sunlight,Carbon-Dioxide,Water,Oxygen and Nutrients. 
Here is my google drawing.

Matariki Poster

Matariki Poster 

Matariki has been part of our field to table inquiry. We were told we had to make a way of presenting our knowledge of Matariki. I decided to make a poster that had all the information I had learnt about Matariki. I found out what Matariki is,some information about planting crops and other information. I also added some photos. Here is my poster.
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